Lynn Benson  / Drops

An archive-based conceptual art project following the contours of news and of waters on our one fragile planet.

DROPS 1 - 1000, (2016-2022), glass, acrylic, film, pencil, ink; 4” x 4” x 1” ea.

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Mississippi River at St. James, Louisiana, west of New Orleans. The sharp bend in the river provides a challenge to longer barge traffic on the river__no.0386, 2019.
Chilkat River, Alaska…”The Japanese investment firm, DOWA, must do the responsible thing and back out of a mining project that could decimate native salmon”—American Rivers__no.0245, 2019. #pollutionrisk
Helmand River, Afghanistan, near Lashkar Gah__no.0053, 2016. #Asia
The Mississippi River at St. James Parish, Louisiana. Formosa Plastics wants to build a 14-plant petrochemical complex on the banks of the river in this area already known as “Cancer Alley.”__no.0765, 2021.
Kenai Fjords National Park, Gulf of Alaska…when the Exxon Valdez tanker ran aground, the beaches of this park were among those most affected!__no.0152, 2018. #watercontamination #oilspill #oilspills #waterpollution
Unknown…(atmospheric current?)__no.0080, 2016.
Connecticut River, Chapman Pond, Rich Island and Lord Island, north of Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, Connecticut__no.0948, 2022.
Lagoa do Araras (means Lagoon of the Macaws) is next to the Negro River, a major tributary to the Amazon, so named because the waters are dark (“black”) from decaying vegetation__no.0418, 2020. #Brazil #SouthAmerica
South Lake, Overland Park, Kansas, where a pilot program aims to keep harmful algae from taking over the lake by incorporating a floating wetland__no.0323, 2019.
Pond at an Enbridge Cushing Terminal, Cushing, Oklahoma, known as a “crude oil hub”__no.0264, 2019. #oilindustry
Fly River and a wiggly tributary on the Indonesia side of the border with Papua New Guinea__no.0678, 2021.
Coyote Creek and salt ponds in south San Francisco Bay. Many salt ponds are slowly being converted to marsh land and buffer zones through the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project in coordination with Cargill (Salt)__no.0358, 2019. #California
Waterton Lakes Park of Canada, in Alberta. In 1932 Waterton Lake National Park was combined with the Glacier National Park to form the world’s first International Peace Park__no.0756, 2021.
New River Gorge National Park at Sandstone Falls Beach, in southern West Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains, dates back to the days of the Pangea. The river has 53 miles of free-flowing whitewater__no.0683, 2021.
Dnister River at Turunchuk River within Southern Ukraine’s Lower Dniester National Park which includes a large part of the estuary with the Black Sea…a region where floodplains and waterways are important to nesting and wintering waterfowl__no.0835, 2022.
Copenhagen's Kastellet (The Citadel) is one of the best preserved and still active fortresses in northern Europe, as well as being a public park on a harbor...with moats even!__no.0941, 2022. #Denmark #military #waterbarriers
Missouri River at Bee Creek, southern border of Weston Bend State Park at Weston, Missouri, in western Missouri__no.0540, 2020.
New Mexico's Galinas Creek at Calf Canyon Road where the Spring 2022 Calf Canyon Fire has burned through the Ponderosa Pine ecosystem (in long-term dry condition!)..."As we experience the worst drought in at least 1,200 years, experts are cautioning that more fires could be on the horizon."--Anitia Gonzales, Board Member, Sierra Club New Mexico - Rio Grande Chapter__no.0856, 2022.
Kaveri River (Cauvery River) at the Arkavathi River, in India, is south of Bangalore, India, and the primary watersource, forcing the fast-growing “tech” city to develop plans to build one million wells throughout Bangalore__no.0670, 2021. #riveraswatersupply
Shanghai's Huangpu River at Baoshan Waterway, a seaward portion of the broad Yangtze River Delta..."Contamination report sparks Shanghai rush for bottled water"--Reuters, October 12, 2022...The Shanghai Water Authority said some reservoirs have been affected by saltwater since early September (Issue soon resolved)__no.0976, 2022. #China #seawatr #tapwater